What Are The Main Benefits Of Drinking Ka’Chava?

For a full breakdown of how the nutrients in Ka’Chava positively influence these seven aspects of your health, you can check out our Benefits pages — but here’s a quick summary:

Energy: Iron, B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, and other nutrients in Ka’Chava play a critical role in the conversion of food to energy.
Immunity: Nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc help create new immune cells, protect existing immune cells, and ward off various ailments.
Digestion: Probiotics, digestive enzymes, fiber, and other gut-friendly nutrients in Ka’Chava help regulate digestion and keep your microbiome happy.
Mental health: Too little vitamin D, magnesium, and other nutrients can drive depression and mess with focus, but Ka’Chava helps you hit your quota.
Muscle growth: Protein, iron, electrolytes, and other nutrients aid in muscle protein synthesis, stamina, hydration, and recovery.
Healthy weight: Ka’Chava is incredibly satisfying and filling for not a lot of calories, thanks to optimized levels of protein, fiber, and healthy fats—plus other nutrients that help regulate metabolism.
Appearance: The omega-3s, vitamin E, vitamin C, and other nutrients in Ka’Chava can help brighten your skin, strengthen your nails, and lend your hair a little extra luster.
Beyond the health benefits, Ka’Chava is also a great way to streamline your mornings (or any mealtime). You won’t always have the time or energy to prep a green smoothie or salad, but keeping a bag of Ka’Chava on hand ensures you’re never without a nutritious option.

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