How are Ka'Chava Shakes made?

We’ll spare you some details, but here’s a basic rundown: First, we source our superfood ingredients (in their dried form) from a variety of suppliers with sustainable growing practices throughout the U.S. Once we receive these ingredients, we grind them into a uniform particle size so each Ka’Chava shake has the same creamy texture. 

The superfood ingredients also undergo a strict quality control process that includes a brief application of heat to kill potentially harmful compounds and ensure freshness. But don’t worry! The heating process is so fast that the majority of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals are still preserved. Our superfood blends are combined together, along with ingredients like probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, to create a nutritionally balanced meal. 

Each finished lot of Ka’Chava is also tested to ensure it contains everything it should (and nothing that it shouldn’t) before it gets to you.

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