Can I Have It For Every Meal, 3 Times A Day?

Although we've received testimonials from people who have lived solely off Ka'Chava for up to 16 weeks, these cases were usually out of medical necessity, and not something we would advise for others.

We don't recommend using ANY product as your only source of nutrition, especially long term.

Recently, we've seen some "food replacement" companies promoting the idea that you should only consume their product... However everyone else in the nutrition community would agree that you should get your nutrients from a wide variety of sources.

And although Ka'Chava helps control hunger for hours, it's only 240 calories, and most people need 2,000-2,500 calories a day to maintain their current weight.

Ka'Chava is designed as a once-per-day-meal, maybe twice if you're making smoothies with other ingredients for added calories and variety of nutrient sources.

Check out The Ka'Chava Kitchen for some delicious recipe ideas.

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