How Much Sugar Is in the Bars?

There are just 2 grams of sugar in each Ka’Chava bar, all of which is naturally occurring from our real-food ingredients—so there are no “added sugars” whatsoever! This means that our bars consist of just under 4% sugar, which is almost unheard of. Most other bars on the market (including the “healthy” ones) range from 13% to 34% sugar. In our opinion, that’s just too much. 

Want to see for yourself? Calculate the percent sugar of any bar with this simple formula: 

  1. First, multiply the grams of sugar in the bar times 4 to get calories from sugar. 

  2. Divide calories from sugar by the total number of calories in the bar.

  3. Finally, multiply this number by 100 to get your final percentage. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bar with less sugar than Ka’Chava.

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