What makes Ka'Chava bars better?

Ka’Chava bars are shaking up the healthy bar category because they don’t rely on sugary binders such as date paste, cane syrup, or brown rice syrup to hold their ingredients together. Our bars consist of only real-food ingredients such as nuts, seeds, pea protein, coconut oil, and plant fibers, and they are subtly sweetened with a hint of monk fruit. This gives them a superior taste and a more natural, non-sticky texture and mouthfeel than most bars on the market. (Have you ever noticed that so many of the “health” bars out there taste predominantly like dates?)

Because Ka’Chava bars don’t contain sugary binders, they tend to have a healthier ratio of macronutrients, too—11-13 grams of protein, 3-6 grams net carbs, and 13-14 grams of fat.

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