How do different shakes' flavors taste?


If you love chocolate (and who doesn’t?), this shake is a must-have. Made with real cacao, creamy coconut milk, and a hint of coconut nectar for subtle sweetness, it’s basically the cleaner, healthier version of a chocolate milkshake.


If you're a flavor purist, you’ll love this shake. With a creamy texture and a simple, clean vanilla taste, it’s reminiscent of a classic (but less-sweet) milkshake. It’s also the ideal blank slate if you want to get creative and incorporate other flavorful add-ins like peanut butter, banana, or berries.

Coconut Açai

If you like coconut and berries (or tropical flavors in general), you’ll love this shake. It tastes like creamy coconut with a hint of juicy berry. Kind of like a berry version of a piña colada.


If your go-to café order is a chai latte, you’ll really enjoy this shake. It’s ultra comforting with plenty of warming spices like cinnamon and a creamy vanilla finish. Sort of reminiscent of a freshly baked snickerdoodle cookie, which is hard not to love!


If your go-to morning brew is matcha latte, you’ll love this unique flavor — which you won’t find in any other meal shake. It’s creamy, just sweet enough, and has a hint of that subtly earthy and fresh green tea goodness (matcha is ground up green tea leaves, if you didn’t know). People who love it really LOVE it.

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