How many carbs per serve in shakes?

Ka’Chava isn’t necessarily low-carb, but it contains quality carbs—and the impact of these carbohydrates on blood sugar is partially buffered by Ka’Chava’s high fiber content (4, 5, 6, or 7 grams, depending on the flavor).

Vanilla Ka’Chava contains 24 g total carbs and 18 g net carbs, Chocolate Ka’Chava contains 25 g total carbs and 18 g net carbs, Coconut Açai contains 21 g total carbs and 17 g net carbs, while Matcha contains 22 g total carbs and 17 g net carbs. Net carbs are equal to the total carbs minus the grams of fiber. Fiber can essentially be subtracted from the equation because it isn’t absorbed by the body nor does it raise blood sugar. 

Compared to the carbs from something like white bread, which has been stripped of its blood sugar-balancing fiber and micronutrients, the carbs in Ka’Chava come from ground up whole-food sources like quinoa, fruits, and veggies, which provide significant nutritional value.

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